The War Around Us

God's Got This

Victory in Unity

Neither Hot or Cold!

You Are Rich

Don't Be Afraid!

Notice the order: John heard. He saw. He fell. Then he was touched, revived, and commissioned into ministry to write “the things which he had seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter.” John turned to see what he heard and found it led to a deeper understanding and renewed appreciation of Jesus Christ. And that, gang, is what this book before us is all about. Revelation is not given primarily to give us information about Bible prophecy, but bring to us a revelation of Jesus Christ personally.

Unshakable Faith

So Shall It Be!

Angelos, the word translated “angel,” also means “messenger” and is referring to the pastors, the leaders of the seven churches. Why are they likened to stars? Because according to Daniel 12, those who turn many to righteousness will shine as stars forever. Truly, once you start sharing your faith, once you start reflecting the goodness and grace of God, there will be a radiance about you that will draw others to your Savior. Try it and see!

Surely, I Come Quickly!

Revelation was entrusted to John because he bore record of the testimony of Jesus and of all the things he saw. People who say, “I don’t seem to be growing in the Lord,” must understand that when it comes to revelation, information, or inspiration, the Lord has a very definite prerequisite: Are we going to personally receive it in our heart and freely release it to others?