West Twin Grove has counseling services available at our church with one of our church Elders, John Freshour of Compass Counselors.  The Compass Counselors offer a common sense and biblical approach to counseling.  Their focus and mission is to effectively walk alongside clients whom have been through distress and life challenges.    The Compass Counselors' origination and purpose, is to walk with men, women, and children through the trials of life.

Mental illness is advancing precariously and necessitates a professional that is effectively and continuously trained to work with the mystery of the mind.  John is attuned to this challenge, plus recognizes and understands mental illness.  John has gleaned knowledge from trainings such as EMDR, TBRI, Play Therapy, Family Therapy Techniques, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Prolonged PTSD Exposure.  John will utilize assessments regularly, to objectively diagnose and treat the client.  This assures the very best counseling alliance possible.  

You can find more information of Compass Counselors by calling 309-261-6129, or email:

John Freshour, LCPC,

President, The Compass Counselors LTD.

"Helping you find your 'True North' in your travels"