Forgotten God

"Forgotten God" A meditation on the introduction to "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan

I Am The True Vine

Pentecost Sunday Celebrates the advent of the Holy Spirit and the Birth of the Church We will explore John 15 and surrounding passages to learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit

A Brief Meditation on the Life of David

New Things Are Coming

New Wine Old Wine Skins Matthew 9:14-17

Take Up Your Mat

Jesus Forgives Sins and Eats With Sinners Matthew 9:1-13

She Treasured All These Things

Mother's Day 2020 Luke Chapter 2

Can I Finish My Nap?

He Bore Our Infirmities

Matthew 8:1-22 Primary Passage Matthew 8:14-17

The Rock

Continuing in Mathew Discipleship and Building on the Rock Matthew 7:24-27

Go Quickly and Tell

Easter Sunday, Sunrise 2020 Matthew 28